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Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Aadhaar Update: UIDAI Cancels 6 Lakh Fake Aadhaar Numbers; Check if Your Aadhaar Card is Real

Aadhaar Update UIDAI Cancels 6 Lakh Fake Aadhaar figures; Check if Your Aadhaar Card is Real .

The Unique Identification Authority of India has cancelled around 6 lakh Aadhaar figures, the government has said. All these Aadhaar figures were indistinguishable or fake, Minister of State in Electronics and Information Technology Rajeev Chandrasekhar informed the Parliament before last week during the proceedings of the Monsoon session. Fake Aadhaar cards and Aadhaar figures are frequently used to commit serious crimes, and the UIDAI takes way regularly to ban them. 

Replying to a query during the Monsoon session of the Lok Sabha, the minister said that the authorities have taken way to attack with the issue of indistinguishable Aadhaar generation. Chandrashekhar further noted that ‘ face ’ has been added as an fresh point to corroborate Aadhaar to address duplication, which has redounded in the cancellation of,999 Aadhaar figures. 
“The demographic matching medium has been more strengthened, biometric matching of all new registrations is assured and ‘ face ’ has been included as a new modality( in addition to point and iris) forde-duplication," he said. 

Do You Hold a Fake Aadhaar? Check Online 


Step 1 If you want to check whether the Aadhaar number you have in your possession is real or fake, go to the UIDAI’s functionary website at. https// offlineaadhaar. 
Step 2 After this, elect the ‘ Aadhaar Verify ’ services option. you can also directly go to the link https// verifyAadhaar to check Aadhaar authenticity. 
Step 3 After this, enter the 12- number Aadhaar number or 16- number virtual ID to go forward. 
Step 4 When you're done entering the number, enter the security law displayed on the screen and request for a One Time word or OTP. You can also select to enter TOTP. 
Step 5 You'll now generally admit the OTP on your registered mobile number for the given Aadhaar number or Virtual ID. Enter the OTP on the website. 
Step 6 This will deflect you to a new runner where you can get a communication that states if your Aadhaar number is valid or not. 
Step 7 Along with the communication, the name, state, age, gender and other details will also be reflected on the screen for the concerned Aadhaarnumber.However, the Aadhaar number you have with yourself is genuine, If all these details are displayed. 
piecemeal from this, one checkup checkup the QR law published on Aadhaar letter/ eAadhaar/ Aadhaar PVC Card to corroborate Aadhaar offline. 

A fake Aadhaar can be used to commit crimes under the stoner’s name and fraudsters frequently use this trick to do the same. This has also come easy as the 12 number number has come an essential part of identity for every Indian citizen. The Aadhaar, with its growing significance, has come one of the most sought- after documents of identity.

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