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Wednesday, August 3, 2022

How to make instant Bhel Puri without chutney

How to construct instant Bhel Puri without chutney. 


A snack and a consolation food at the same time! This moment bhel puri needs no chutneys, but has the flavor of both the green mint/ coriander and the tamarind chutney! 


Description .

Who does n’t like Bhel Puri Right?! But it part some time to make all the chutneys to go with it. Then I'm participating a Bhel Puri form for you, which you can make in no time! The stylish part is that I'll show you how to incorporate the flavors of the green chutney and the tamarind chutney without making the chutneys! Hope you enjoy it! 


constituents .


3 mugs Puffed Rice/ Muri/ Murmura 

2 tbsp. Roasted peanuts 

3 tbsp. Diced tomatoes 

3 tbsp. Diced onions 

3 tbsp. Diced cucumbers 

Finely diced green chillies( to taste) 

2 tbsp. Finely diced Mint leaves 

2 tbsp. Finely diced Coriander leaves 

sprinkle of Bhujia Sev or Boondi 

Some Papdi/ Mathri 

Some crushed Golgappas( voluntary) 

3tbsp. boiled potato( cut in small cells) 

1tsp. cumin greasepaint 

1tsp. chaat masala 

tsp. chilli greasepaint 

1 tsp. Rock swab 

tsp. tamarind concentrate 

tsp. honey 

sprinkle of Bhel Puri Sev 


Instructions .


Make sure to use crisp puffedrice.However, you can dry repast it for 4- 5 min 

If its notcrisp.To the puffed rice, add diced onions, diced tomatoes and diced cucumbers 

To incorporate the flavors of the mint- coriander chutney, add finely diced green chillies, finely diced mint leaves and finely diced coriander leaves 


 Add a sprinkle of any salty snack like bhujia sev or boondi 

Add boiled potato pieces 

Add cumin greasepaint, chaat masala and gemstone swab To incorporate the flavors of the sweet tamarind chutney, add tamaind concentrate and honey 

Top with Bhel Puri Se

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