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Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Here are some healthy snacks to spice up your monsoon

Then are some healthy snacks to spice up your thunderstorm

Then are some Monsoon Snack Combos prepared with Oats that will sate your thunderstorm jones

The appearance of the Monsoon season brings with it the desire for commodity succulent, hot, and refreshing. We enjoy carousing on our favourite hot treats to satisfy our hunger. Certain foods are nutrient- thick and give us with long- continuing energy, so they must be included in our thunderstorm snacking.

Oatmeal has come a popular evening gorging item in recent times, and the stylish part is that it's easy to prepare. Saffola Masala Oats is a mix of Indian spices and essential nutrients, making it not only chatpata but also a power- packed snack. It's made with whole grain oats and real vegetables, so it keeps you' full' for longer. It's available in five tasteful flavours Classic Masala, Peppy Tomato, Veggie Twist, Masala Coriander, and Curry & Pepper.

Then are some Monsoon Snack Combos prepared with Oats that will sate your thunderstorm jones

Masala Toast Sandwich & HaldiDoodh

Monsoon days are deficient without the warmish virtuousness and chatpata flavours of a Masala Toast Sandwich. delight the same taste at home with just 5 mins of fix time. Cook Classic Masala or Masala & Coriander for 3 mins, when ready take amulti-grain chuck and spread coriander chutney, add Masala Oats filling in the toast, put it in the toaster oven till brown and serve it with Haldi Doodh and enjoy.

Oats Risotto & Cinnamon Hot Chocolate

Prepare a pungent red Risotto with sweet spices and the chinking tomato aste of Peppy Tomato variant. In a visage add oil painting, garlic and gusto paste, add tomatoes, onions, capsicum saute the admixture for a many mins and add peppy tomato oats. formerly ready, serve it with cinnamon hot chocolate.

Air Fried Oats Cutlet & Masala Chai

Give a fun and nutritional twist to our thunderstorm snack by incorporating mouth- soddening Veggie Twist Oats in it. In a visage add Veggie Twist Oats, cook it for 3 mins. also take a coliseum- add oats, boiled mashed potatoes, carrot, beet root, cabbage and swab to taste and mix it well. produce equal portions of the admixture, preheat the air range at 200 degrees C for 5 Mins, also place the croquette portions in the air range and cook them for 15 mins at 200 Degrees C. formerly ready, serve it with hot Masala Chai.

Pepper Curd Oats & Filter Coffee

It's a simple dish made by combining the Curry & Pepper Oats with yoghurt. The magic of well- loved spices of the South in three succulent south flavours that would leave everyone pining for further! Be it sweet Sambar or fiery Chettinad or hot Curry Pepper, these flavours make for pleasurable warm family snack, serve it with the classic sludge coffee.

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