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Thursday, October 20, 2022

Kulhad Pizza Is The New Choice Of Foodies!

Kulhad Pizza Is The New Choice Of Foodies!

You must have had different varieties of pizza, but have you ever heard of this dish being served in a clay pot or kulhad?

If your answer is NO, then your taste buds are missing one of the trending foods among the new generation foodies!

Well, to round off your search, a local eatery in Surat (Gujarat) named ‘The Cone Chaat’ has grabbed all eyeballs with Kulhad pizza.

If you are wondering what is so special about this pizza, take a look at its fascinating preparation.

To make this snack, a pizza mixture is prepared with boiled corn, chopped tomatoes, paneer cubes, capsicum and small bits of pizza crust and then a Kulhad was filled up with this mixture, topped with some sauces, oregano, cheese, etc.

After this, the Kulhad is placed in the microwave and permit to cook. When the Kulhads come out of the oven, the looks of it will make you go excited , those who tasted it said this!

Many people hit the road-side stall to have this desi-style pizza. Not only from Surat, this pizza is attracting visitors from across the country.

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