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Monday, November 7, 2022

Holiday Heart Syndrome: Check That Binge This Diwali

Holiday Heart Syndrome Check That Binge This Diwali


Heart problems include unstable angina, heart attacks, and heart beating desultorily, and a condition known as atrial fibrillation( AFib) which can lead to heart attack or stroke.

The card parties have begun. The alcohol expend is more during the week than your regular sober situations. Add to this, the mithais, fried spices, and late nights deprived of sleep, along with smoking. Plus the break in your exercise routine. An ideal form for chaos in your health.

“The openings that test your restraint around food and alcohol are generous during Diwali. While it's fine to pamper a little bit, all that excess can have an effect on your health. gluttony of unctuous, salty, and fried food along with late night sleep, and active or unresistant smoking during carnivals can lead to multiple Heart problems including unstable angina, heart attacks and heart to beat desultorily, and a condition known as atrial fibrillation( AFib) which can lead to heart attack or stroke, ” says celebrated cardiac surgeon and head of Asian Heart Institute,Dr. Ramakanta Panda.


He advises looking for the following symptoms-



unforeseen sensation, fluttering, and discomfort in the chestDizziness or feeling tiredChest discomfort briefness of breathAnxietyBlurred vision

Naturally, a many people are needed to be more conservative; especially those withpre-existing conditions similar as

High Blood Pressure- Consult your croaker beforehand to maintain electrolyte balance in your body. Too important sugar and swab can lead to high blood sugar and blood pressure situations which can lead to heart attacks and strokes. rather of high- calorie and reused food prefer fruits and whole grains. Diabetes and Heart health- Aerated drinks and fruit juice contain high quantities of sugar leading to high heart pitfalls. Substitute sugar with artificial sweeteners to reduce therisk.Stress- Disturbed sleep patterns can increase stress situations. It's important to take 6- 8 hours of sleep indeed during fests and sleep beforehand.


Then are a many important tips to keep your heart healthy during fests-

Be active- Indeed during the fests, take out time for physicalactivities.Stay doused - Don't consume too numerous reused authorities and aerated drinks and keep drinkingwater.Medications Take prescribed drugs on time to avoid blood pressure, sugar, and heartissues.Don't gormandize- Eat salad before spices to avoidovereating.Avoid stress- Take acceptable sleep and stay down from loudnoises.No smoking and drinking- Avoid alcohol and smoking consumption as it can raise your blood pressure, and diabetes to unhealthy situations.

“Experimenters have known about vacation heart design since the late 1970s. Consumerism and the easy vacuity of dangerous foods and alcohol have only made effects worse. ‘ Everything in temperance' is a good rule to follow. The vacation heart pattern is fully preventable and in your hands. So take care of your body and be humble, ”Dr. Panda adds.


Asian Heart Institute, Mumbai

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